Try and Stump this thing!

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Tried it using the wife.

Didn't show her the picture though. :sh :)

She would have nailed me with a full wine bottle. Didn't want to waste the wine.
It really amazes me how it does it, Me and my wife played for almost an hour last night and it onky failed once but was very close. The dang thing knows akmost everything.
it is remarkable...however...I was thinking Jesus...he had it PINNED by three questions but then went on to ask if it was a girl, if it was in a Rock Band....etc.

Very cool though.
Ya aint gonna believe this. I am not sure if I stumped it or not. I was thinking of Troy (don't ask me why?)and it came up with a picture of a hand holding a cat up in the air called Longcat. Who the hell is Longcat! But you have to agree to come up with that when thinking of Troy this is pretty wierd (you have to know Troy and his postings LOL).
Pretty fun. He got Barney Rubble, Papa Smurfe, Ben Franklin, and Capt. James Cook(explorer). Really cool.

I did stump him with Jay Hammond, a former Alaskan Governor. He tried hard though, like 50 questions before he gave up.

Take a look at some of the characters he has guessed. Flippin unbelievable!

If you haven't tried this lil game, do it.

Fun find Wade

That thing is freaky good.... it got Greg Brady! Homer Simpson and Dewey from Malcom in the Middle.....
I just spotted this on a "similar thread" suggestion.

I was just playing with this yesterday.

If there is anyone who hasn't seen this, give it a try. Pretty cool.
I forgot all about this thing and it just got a few more. This thing is pretty scary smart!!!!