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  • Thanks, Lloyd and I'll miss the good clean jokes as well. And you guys are the ones who make this a good forum.
    not that I know of
    Why do you want to know?
    pectin enzyme would take care of the pectin
    Look on the bottom and see if there is a one or two printed on the bottom of the trash can if it has either one of those numbers you can use it.
    Things are great. Trying to get the last of last years wines bottled. I'm strategically working the carboys to make it easy. I have all this muscadine to rack and clear in a few days. Then in 2 weeks I'm meeting Sarah Rides and her husband in NY where I would like to get a few more juices. Where on earth am I gonna put these. I must be outta my mind.

    If your peach needs a bit of flavor try adding some strawberry. That will boost the acid and flavor. Keep them seperate until all are clear and aged then mix a few samples.

    I did a strawberry peach last year that was excellent. I can't recall how much strawberry I used but it wasn't alot. I'll try to find my notes and let you know. Have a great day.

    P.S. What's your dogs name?
    Thanks Lloyd! There absolutely is a wealth of info & great humor! I stumbled here 'bout a month ago, did alot of reading & smiling! I'm here 'bout every morning & afternoon before leaving work (no internet @ home) to discover more! Great place & people!
    Personally I wouldnt add any water and just make it from straight juice. But i you want to dilute it down Id probably use around 15 lbs per gallon of wine of fruit because peaches contain a lot of water and are a delicate flavor that can hide way too easy.
    I really hate how brew places even sell it in shirt lengths especially without tell you. If you were making a short connection to hook up 2 taps then thats all 2' or 5' for that matter is good for. The more carbonated something is the longer of a hose youll need. 10' just works for Sparkling wine and is great for beer. Make sure when you pour that you push the nozzle wide open as far as it can and it will pour better also, if you only try and open it part way it will pour much more foam. Thats actually an option on some taps and is called a creamer faucet to get a good head on a beer for beers that normally dont have much head retention.
    Besides Walkers all I know of is the Vintners Harvest and the Oregon fruit Purees. Walkers has some dam good juice buckets though and lots to choose from.
    I would love to share information, Lloyd. Right now, I am trying to figure out an easy way to filter some wine that has a bacterial haze.
    Hi From Germany Lloyd!
    This website is awesome. It takes a bit of hit and miss to figure out but it comes through in the end. Please don't give up in your trials and attempts to figure it out. I find there are some very experienced brewers available at a keystroke!
    Hello Lloyd, Me fine what's up, how is your life going on. I don't have horses other wise I also need your hay. :sm
    You're welcome LLoyd... too many people making recipes too complicated lol..

    I have a breville juicer.. it juices whole apples.. if you have apples with worm, then trim damaged areas off before juicing.

    Apart from that.. it's very simple.

    If you add your k-meta and sorbate you should be fine. 1/4tsp meta and 3tsp of sorbate. add this after your wine fermented dry. Are you asking because you are making a fruit wine of a kit wine?
    Not sure which power point you are talking about?? I cant say I had one on so2
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