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  • sounds like a lot of fun i'll see if wife has anything planned if not we may very well come up that way hard to say right now though.
    Sirs, There are some folks in Hickory putting on a national learn to brew day event. There will be 9 guys making a variety of different beer types. Looks like a lot of fun. This will be this Sat from 9-5. I plan to bring some wine samples. Any chance you would like to join me there? I'd love to meet you. Here is the address of the event.
    1049 19th Avenue Place Nw
    Hickory NC 28601
    going pretty good julie came down and got a good amount Djsteve got a good amount and pwrose got a decent amount and I've got about 5 buckets so far will get more now that most of them have got some.
    Just thought I would let you know that this is the last day of deer hunting until December first so far we have one buck and three doe in the freezer
    I am very new to wine making. I had an old recipe from my Great Aunt which only called for fruit, water, sugar and yeast. No hydrometer, no other additives. I am now looking to upgrade my resources. Thanks for your reply.
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