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Nov 9, 2009
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I think that I may have waited too long to go to secondary fermentation,
Started 5 days ago at 1.088.
I didn't go to secondary until today, SG at 1.002. I'm afraid I waited too long.:m

I checked a day and a half ago and was at 1.040. I got distracted painting and wiring my "wine room". :re
Squeezed out pulp. and put into secondary tonight at Sg 1.002.

Am I too late? Should I add something? help

I usually let it ferment dry in primary depending on what kind of wine it is. If its a fruit wine or a white wine thatn can easily be oxidized then i rack it early and stir everything up so that I dont leave any viable yeast behind but all others I let ferment dry. 5 days in primary is not long at all and you are fine either way. Relax, your good to go!

Without knowing what you are making, it's tough to give a 100% correct answer. Not that there is such a thing anyway.

But, IMHO, everything sounds good.

I make kits nearly exclusively. I rarely check the sg before 7-10 days. It's often dropped below 1.000 by then.

If anything I'd say you racked too early. 7 to 10 days in primary, when the gravity is down to about when I rack (per everythign I've read and been told this is when to do it) and then let it finish off in secondary.

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