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Jan 16, 2023
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I started my 2nd Orchard Breezin kit 2 days ago. Tonight I’m reading how people have been putting half the F pack in during primary to bump alcohol and reduce sweetness. Can I still do this, or is it too late?

Ok great… so the primary is already up to the 6 gal mark. Just add to it? Or should I take some out, add half the bag, then top off to 6 gal?

I’m not sure how much 1/2 the bag will add past 6 gallons… Am I ok to have a little more than 6 gallons?

This is the wife’s wine, she likes dryer, so I’ll ask her before I do it.

Also, just dump it in or stir it afterward? Is it ok siring with the yeast started 2 days ago?

Sorry totally new at this!

Just bottles my OB strawberry sensation and it came out well. Tastes a little “sryupy” or thick? Almost heavy (wouldn’t mind it being a little lighter or crisper per se ). Hard to describe but still tastes good. Maybe it will get a little better with age.
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You have a 7.9 gallon primary? If so, there's plenty of room to simply add half the F-Pack.

Take an SG reading before you start, add the pack, stir well, and take another SG reading. This will enable you to figure out how much you bumped the ABV.

Are you using a 23 liter / 6 US gallon carboy? 23 liter kits are 23 liters at the beginning, e.g., the kit reconstitutes to 23 liters. You have noticed that you have less after the first racking. With the F-Pack the carboy will be closer to full, so watch when racking into it.

If the wine turns out too dry, you can add sugar to taste after stabilizing.