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Jan 19, 2010
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Hello All-

I see awesome pictures on here that suggest tilting the carboy while clarifying, so that's what I just did. But now, after two days, I see lots of sediment on the side of the carboy, not just on the bottom. This is on the "downwind" side of the carboy. Will that eventually settle to the bottom? Anything I can do to encourage that sediment on the side to fall down? This is an Island Mist Blackberry Cab-Sav kit. If I rack to another carboy before bottling, I'm worried that the sediment on the side is going to come along for the ride. Suggestions?
Give the carboy a sharp twist every now and then, that should settle the sediment evenly over the bottom.

Do you mean on the side of the carboy or uneven at the bottom? I have an italian carboy that when i clear the sediment tends to stick to the side. I just give it a gentle tap with my hands and the vibration from that makes it drop to the bottom.
I like the others give the whol carboy while sitting flat a good stern twist to relieve the sides for the sediment that can stick there especially on Italian carboys due to the ridges. I then tilt tye carboy back onto an object for all the sediment to fall to one side.
Twist it twice in 24 hours...Should fix the problem. Do be aware that the wine won't clear in a 2 week period.

The instructions in a kit are a load of rubbish in that regard. Don't buy extra "finings" from the shops.. they are not needed 2 weeks after racking.

I leave mine level until three or four days before I plan to rack. Then I put a block under one side to tilt it. By the time I'm ready to rack, the lees have migrated to where I want them.
You are all steely eyed missile men :h

I gave carboy a quick-hard twist last night, and the stuff on the sides immediately started descending towards the bottom! It was like magic :h

My dealer also told me to ignore the WE instructions that basically say to bottle the wine directly from this carboy in two weeks. He told me to rack to another carboy in two weeks ( I already picked up a spare) leaving the lees behind, degas and let it set another week, and then rack it back. Repeat until no sediment is left. Sound good?
Did you plan on filtering before bottling ? If so I wouldn't go through all those extra steps of racking so many times I would just rack to another carboy & filter from there & then bottle . But if not filtering then the extra racking would be helpful .I don't know why he would tell you degas at that stage but I haven't made an Island Mist kit yet . When I did my Orchard Breezin kit I filtered right from that carboy into another than bottled same day . Turns out crystal clear and yummy I might add .
He said to de-gas at least one more time before bottling, and since I was disturbing the wine anyway by racking that was a good time to do it.
Ok I just found & read the instructions for that kit and i can see no reason why he would tell you that .If it's not clear enough after the time they tell you just keep it in the same carboy for another week or whatever time it takes to clear .It is like they say better to rack to another carboy before bottling so you don't get and junk off the bottom in your bottles . I would let it rest in that carboy for a day if I had time if i wasn't going to filter just to see if anything else fell down before I bottled .
Not a steely eyed missile man but hope I helped :D

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