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Jan 2, 2010
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I am on several other forums, not winemaking guys, and what I have come to really appreciate and be thankful for is the generally quick responses and pleasant attitude on this forum. It wasn't until I started going to other forums for learning a few other areas in life and wow, what a difference.

Some are very slow, if at all to respond to your questions. Some forums do respond but it may only be from one or two members when there are thousands of other members on there. Granted many are a quick stop, get a question answered and gone forever but you should be able to get a few different views.

There are forums out there that are IMO, poorly designed and difficult to navigate through or be able to read. Some forums offer tutorials but assume that you are already fully knowledgable to some extent.

Attitude! Some moderators are aggravated to answer questions and it shows in their replys. If you don't enjoy answering or moderating don't bother. The world has greatly changed over the years and now we are forced to browse the internet for answers and how nice it is when you can find your answers or get ideas quickly and in a friendly manner.

When I came on here Wade, Julie, Dan, Tom, Luc and a few others were the ones who I saw answering many questions. Now we have numerous folks on here (too many to name) that answer and assist other wine makers who are just starting out. You don't have to wait until tomorrow to get your answer. You may get a few replies or many and often times the thread will evolve into additional ideas or opinions.

How nice it is to be on this forum and I can say I have met and socialized with many wonderful new friends. The only sad part is some of you are too far away to meet, but perhaps someday.

To all of you who think nothing about taking your precious time out to help all of us thank you sincerely! I do greatly appreciate all of your guidance and help.

Thank you very much again and TexBrew, excellent job on getting the forum up and running and updating often. Though you are behind the scenes your endeavors are appreciated as well.

You fellow wine makers are the best!
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Very well put, Steve. As you know, I am a relative rookie to this obsession. However, the knowledge I have gained through this forum has enabled me to progress far beyond my expectations. All of this knowledge has been gained from the incredible talent of those on this forum. The caring responses you get encourage you to come back and ask more questions. If it weren't for the "personality" of the forum in general, I would have "bailed" a long time ago. Thanks to all of you who make it happen. :b
As have we learned a lot from you guys, if you aint a learnin then you aint a tryin! I learned everything I know through this forum and 1 other forum. I have been on quite a few forums and have always seen the potential in this 1! Now it just shows immensely!
I agree with Steve, I too spend some time in other activity forums and one of the things I hate the most is when you ask a question and someone says " do a search, it has been covered", or when you ask a noob question and are treated like a second grader with a smart alek response.
Thanks Tex, Wade, and all the others who make this one of the best forums out there, hands down:h
We also agree with all of the above postings and that's why we're happy to be a proud sponsor on this great forum.
As I have posted many times. This is a great forum and I learned was also from this forum. Back then it was mostly just Wade, Tom and cpfan. I'm sure I missed someone and I apologize.
I must agree, this forum is probably the best one I belong too. I have only been on here for a short time, but must say the politeness and generous sharing of knowledge is simply amazing!

I do belong to an outdoors oriented site, and on there many of the members nit-pick, attack and harass one another. It is simply a pleasure coming on here and reading this forum.

Good job:r
Real good people round here.

I almost wonder if we are both members of said "other" forum, I was expecting the same treatment but I got completely the opposite, open arms and come on in and have a drink.
TJ you are not far from me and Washington is my old stomping grounds. Perhaps we will meet sometime.
No kidin, good ol' WashPA. Any time your around , I really enjoy talking with people who know a lot about anything. Unless I get crackin we'll have to drink store bought.
Aaaaah Steve, what a nice post! Yes this site's friendliness is just outstanding. Group hug!!!!!!!!

I agree totally. Kudos to all involved and active members (esp. mods and admin for keeping us in good running condition!!)
Agree with all y'all have said. I feel you guys and gals are my friends. And i too wish we all lived in the same neiborhood so we could hang. Forgive me for being so serious.
No kidin, good ol' WashPA. Any time your around , I really enjoy talking with people who know a lot about anything. Unless I get crackin we'll have to drink store bought.
Hows about a little of everything and master of none! LOL
:b I would have to agree with you all, great site, and I have learned a ton. I learn with every new post and sure enjoy my own fruit wines, have a friend with a vinyard and am thinking of making some of the grape wines this fall, and have the owner interested in making some wines as well. I have looked a little at other winemaking sites, this one stands out. Thank you all for your help, some day I might know what I'm doing.:db And the mods, you to:b And Wade, I fish therefore I am.

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