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Most of my favorite cookbooks are 30-40 years old, pre celebrity chef. Though I do confess an interest in Alton Brown.

Sometimes I walk the dark path of "convenience" and sometimes not. My first wife used a mortar and pestal for most dishes and every single one was a died-and-went-to-heaven experience.
I have ended up on rolls where I have made so many good dishes in a row that it becomes a challenge to top, or even equal what you created the night before.

It's why hamburger helper was invented. You reset and start the climb again.
We don't usually use condensed soups in recipes here, my first experience was at my first Thanksgiving dinner in Alabama. Green Bean Casserole...condensed mushroom soup, tinned green beans and tub of fried onions, right? I found it delightful as I have a high tolerance of salty foods!
But in later years I would offer up my own Green Bean Casserole. The only thing I changed was I used fresh beans and added fresh courgette, my mother in law wrly informed there was 'no need to bastardize an American classic'...she was probably right 🤣🤣
Thanks for the lovely welcome! I've very much enjoyed reading the conversations!
Welcome to WMT! If you like Green Bean Casserole . . . check out Tator Tot Hotdish! It's a favorite Minnesotan dish. (You know it's Minnesotan because we call it "hotdish" - every place else calls it "casserole" :D)
I had to Google that one! I'd eat it, it sounds like a Shepherd's Pie so I could probably bastardize that too 🤣
It's why hamburger helper was invented. You reset and start the climb again.
I make Johnny Marzetti almost once a month, a pasta-hamburger casserole, quick and easy and delicious. I think hamburger helper is a ripoff of Johnny Marzetti. 30 or so years ago I actually liked hamburger helper and about 3 months ago I bought 2 boxes. Yikes. My first thought was "What the hell is this crap?" and threw it out and the unopened box.

@welshcookie , as vinny pointed out we sometimes wander in our replies.

And if anyone is interested, Johnny Marzetti recipe: