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Jan 5, 2010
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I have a strawberry wine in primary fermentation. Most of the research I have done takes you up to bottling but does not discuss clarifying or stabilizing. Can you guys give me some specific instructions for this. Here is the recipe and the current state of production:

5 Gallon recipe

Strawberrys: 20 pounds
Sugar: 10 pounds
Yeast Nutrient: 2 tbsp
Pectic Enzyme: 1 tsp
Acid blend: 5 tsp
Wine Tannin: 1 tsp
Yeast ICV D47

SG prior to pitching yeast 1.100 - Temp 76
SG today (3 days) 1.030...removed pulp bag - temp 74
Trying to reduce temp to 60 - 70 degrees

Fermentation is still very active.

I have a drill mount stirrer used on previous kits. This is my FIRST from scratch, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Don't use the drill yet. Give it a month with air lock attached. Go slowly, time is on your side so don't rush it. In a month or two fermentation will cease and the wine will clear. Once this happens come back for more guidance. Patience, patience, patience.
Once gravity hits 1.015 I would rack to a carboy to finish fermentation. BTW, next time shoot for a gravity of 1.085-1.090. You will get better flavor and less alcohol. Also consider bumping the #'s per gallon to 5 -6 per gal. You will get better flavor and body.
Do you like your Strawberry sweet? Do you like it with more flavor?
If you do, look up in the "search" feature for back sweetening and making a f-pac.
This should be done after finning and beforre clearing.
Thanks. I now realize I may have a PROBLEM. I racked to secondary on 2-17-10 at a Sg of 1.011. I did not top off. Am I in trouble with the air space. Still fermenting pretty good so I'm thinking I may have enough CO2 to displace any O2 that may be present. Should a make a F-Pack now to top off or wait?
as long as it is fermenting , there is not an airspace problem. The empty space is full of co2 and the wine is protected
You are fine. Let it go till dry (.990). then rack and ad P-Meta and Sorbate. DEGAS and here is when you can add the f-pac.
I have made a lot of strawberry wines and wines in which strawberry was added for extra flavor like my dandelion-strawberry.

Just wait till it has finished fermenting. Then rack to a smaller carboy. Next step is to have patience till it clears. It will clear on its own. Just wait !!!

Taste when finished. Strawberry is wonderfull sweet and dry. So either way it will come out fine. So take a sip before adding an f-pack.

I have reached a Sg of .990 and ready to rack. I searched as Tom suggested but didn't find any specific instructions for making an F-Pack. One that I did run across somewhere else was 4 pounds of frozen strawberries, 1 cup of sugar and pectic enzyeme. Sit over night at room temp, strain then add to the carboy. Is this an acceptable method or should I simmer it down? Obviously I will taste prior to adding an F-Pack.

Thanks for all of you guys help and suggestions.


How to make a F-PAC= Flavor Pac

Add 20-30% of #’s of fruit what was used in the primary (if you used 30# in recipe then you will need 6-9# more for the f-pac) in a large frying pan or pot. Simmer to extract all "flavor" and reduce the water from the fruit. Strain thru a kitchen strainer and add AFTER you rack and after the wine is DRY ( .990) You MUST have added k-meta and Sorbate before adding the f-pac. Once adding the f-pac you can add clearing agent. You will have to rack at least 2+ more times. Then
back sweeten to YOUR taste using simple syrup.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. This is my first from scratch. I did not have a smaller carboy as Luc suggested so I topped of with an F-Pack. 1st pic is prior to racking and the 2nd is after racking and addition of the F-Pack.

Time will be the judge now.


SB prior to racking.jpg

SB after racking and F-pack.jpg
Hey There, curious to hear how the wine tasted? Also, where did you purchase your thermometer tape I see attached to your demi in the picture? What a handy gadget!
Funny I haven't tasted it yet. I only added the f-pack to top off. I will be tasting at the next racking to determine if I need to back sweaten or not.

The thermometers I get at the local retailer for about $2.00. They can be found and ordered on line. See the thread where to buy online. I will let yopu know what it taste like shortly. I see that you have bottled some strawberry. How did yours turn out?


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