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Nov 30, 2009
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Greetings all,

I think I am going to like this site! I just found it today. I saw that xanxer is new again but was on here before. Here is my quick story...hope I don't bore too many.

I needed a new hobby...since golf takes way too much time. :) So I bought my first kit (and probably way too much other stuff) and made about 6 gallons of Cabernet Franc/Merlot. If I might say so...."it ain't bad!!!" Obviously way too young. I have drank close to half of the bottles and it is only going on 4 months old. I have 6 gallons of Sauvignon Blanc almost ready to bottle now. Thinking about what I want to try next. Any suggestions? I would have to say I prefer reds but the wine is not just for me....I think I am going to enjoy sharing it with family and friends.

A bit about myself. I am a 58 year old retired educator. Married to my wonderful wife for 36 years. Two sons...31 and 29, a daughter in law, and two lovely grandchildren..a boy 3 1/2 and a little girl who is about 16 months old. My wife and I get to enjoy (spoil) them 2 days a week!

I am looking forward to learning many things on this site as well as meeting some informative and interesting people as well.

I will post some pictures of my wine and wine making endeavors later.

Here you can't help but make better wine. WE are waiting for any of your questions.
Which brand did you get?
Okay, Id like to suggest some reds bit if your drinking them almost all up in 4 months then I wont post them as the ones I would like to tell you to make shouldnt even be out of the carboy in 4 months and shouldnt be popped open for at least a year. I dont mean to beat you up, I just woudnt want you to waste the money for a real nice kit and drink it before it got good and I dont make the cheaper kits. Welcome here and hopefull someone else can chime in with a cheaper kit thats ok.
Welcome to the group Kwilly. You may as well know the truth from the begining.

Everyone in here started this as a hobby. After the first batch, you will become addicted, not long after, you will become obsessed. But it's a fun and satisfying obsession.:)

Lot of kit makers in here, and alot of fruit wine makers as well. You'll find your niche I am sure.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, were all happy to help.

Try to post different questions in the appropriate catagories, it'll help keep your questions and responses sorted out, and makes it easier for all of us to "follow" the thread.

Glad to have you on board, looking forward to hear on your progress(es).

Take Care, Good Luck.

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You're not alone by the way, we have several members from Ohio. I got a sister lives in Westervilee, outside of Columbus. She likes wine, trying to convince her to give a shot at making it herself.
Welcome aboard. I'm on another forum too, the FVW store's.
That's why I know a few folks on this one already even though I'm new.
Good luck with your wine and perhaps you should lock away a bottle or two so they have a chance to age :)
perhaps you should lock away a bottle or two so they have a chance to age :)

I second that remark.

Enjoy it while it ages but SAVE a few for the one year mark. You'll be mightily impressed with what "Time in a Bottle" will do. Oh, you got me channeling Croce now.

While we're just getting back into the hobby after a year off (we moved and hadn't set up a wine room until a couple months ago) all of our earlier wines are a year to 18 months in the bottle. VERY tasty.
Welcome Kwilly... you will find that this is a fantastic forum for making wine, telling lies, boasting, showing off, etc...
Seriously, this is the best forum I know of... in fact I have been ignoring the other forums I am a member of since I joined this one a WHOLE month ago. I know, shame on me. I don't use kits, but I am brand new to this wine making game and maybe I'll pick me up a kit sometime. You'll have to show a lot of respect to me because I am your senior... I am 2 yrs older than you... 60. Ha-Ha. Hey... enjoy the forum.

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