Should sediment still be at bottom?

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Jan 4, 2010
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Hi everyone,
We are in the process of making our first wine.

Currently the wine is about 10 days in the carboy and it has stabilized. So we put the metabisulphate, sorbate, and the clarifier in. I used a drill mounted whip to drive off the CO2.

My question is in regards to the sediment. There was about 2" of sediment at the bottom of the carboy before I put the additives in and whipped. Once I whipped, the entire contents of the carboy seemed like they were thoroughly mixed. however, after maybe 30 minutes, I noticed the sediment all fell to the bottom again. Is this OK?
What wine did you make?
What was the temperature of the wine when degassing?
We are making a Winexpert Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay. The temperature was about 68°F when we mixed the additives and clarifier.
sounds to me to be normal, just the clarifier doing its thing... But Im not a expert like Tom, wade or Luc
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sounds normal. you should see more sediment drop for the next couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure that's the bentonite settling out some of the heavier particles.
Did you rack it or just stir it?
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If it's a WE kit I believe you leave the lees in when you clarify and stir the lees up into the wine to help the clarification process.

I have not done a WE kit yet but have read the directions on a kit that I purchased but haven't started, that's the direction they give.

Sounds like all is going well...the particles that fell out already probably are pulling more out of your wine as they drop.

It is normal. Most of the heavy solids will fall bacl out leaving fine sediment and solids still in suspension. You are in the carboy now though right?
I guess I should have kept my 2 cents to myself when I saw that it was a kit. Still hard to believe that it doesn't get racked after the first 10 days, Oh well.:?
No worries Lurker. Until reading the directions for my own WE kit I would have said the same thing. WHY WOULD YOU STIR THE LEES BACK IN??? But apparently it's the WE way.
That sounds normal for a WE kit, although I've never done a Vintner's Reserve. Do the instructions say that after 8 days your wine should be clear, but this next step will make it shine, then rack to a sanitized carboy and top off with a like wine for another 14 days?

My WE Australian Chardonnay was a little bit warmer when I stabilized it, but it ended up looking like this.


I just followed the instructions, and poof.

I'm actually enjoying some as I type this...


Here's a better picture...



P.S. *sip*

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