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  1. TikiWine

    Mold in varboy

    I found a couple mold spots at the bottom of my carboy when I went to clean it. Is it ruined or can I rense with bleach?
  2. G

    Is it normal color ?

    Hello, I am new here and it is my first time make Apple juice wine. I was start worry about apple wine color, Is it normal ? Please let me know ASAP. When airlock stop bubble can I pour to 2nd carboy ? ( Before ) 4-23-2020 .................................( Today ) 4-30-2020
  3. ringmany

    Is this mold growing on my wine?

    Hi everyone, I've been bulk aging my 'Cellar Craft Amarone' wine kit for 6 months. I've been abroad for 4 months and have only been able to check on it now. I've noticed that there's a light pink substance on top of the wine itself and I'm uncertain if it's mold or simply bits of old grape...
  4. B

    Carboys for sale or trade (Chicago area)

    Anyone interested in a couple of glass 3-gallon carboys? I would be most interested in trading them for one glass 6-gallon. But $20 cash for each would work as well.
  5. J

    5 US Gallon Carboy(s?) for 6 G kit

    Hello all, I am fairly new to wine making, and before getting started I purchased a mass amount of supplies from some guy in my town. Although it still ended up being a fairly good deal, I ended up with four 5 gallon carboys (18.9 liters as printed on the bottom). However my last two kits...
  6. Y

    Carboys for primary fermentation?

    Hi everyone. I'm making wine for the first time with the Argentina Ridge Chateau Shiraz 4 week kit. I have 4 glass 6 gallon carboys and one plastic bucket fermenter without a lid. The stores near my place don't have a lid for my bucket. Can I mix everything up in the bucket and then split it...
  7. R

    Blueberry wine - Lees in Secondary Fermentation Carboy and other issues

    Hello! I have been brewing a blueberry wine and have recently gone from the primary fermentation bucket to a secondary fermentation carboy (after ten days in the primary fermenter). The fermentation is going along very well, although I am a bit concerned that I waited a bit too long to rack...
  8. 1

    Should sediment still be at bottom?

    Hi everyone, We are in the process of making our first wine. Currently the wine is about 10 days in the carboy and it has stabilized. So we put the metabisulphate, sorbate, and the clarifier in. I used a drill mounted whip to drive off the CO2. My question is in regards to the sediment...
  9. M

    Carboy Trouble

    Hi, If I am fermenting only 4 gallons of wine in a 5 gallon carboy, will the unoccupied space in the carboy cause a problem during fermentation? I am assuming the unoccupied space is actually occupied by air. So is that going to ruin the wine? Help. Thanks.