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  1. katmike57

    Revisiting the sediment issue with kit wines

    Hello, this is my first post here but I've been following for some time. I've been making wine from kits for about 2 years now and have been mostly pleased with the results. I've more recently done some high-end kits like WE Private Res (Amarone, Bordeaux, Fiero, Nebbiolo). I have some RJS En...
  2. H

    Bottling problem, bottled too early...🤢

    I bottled my wine too early. I know.... Bad mistake. Super embarrassed and mad over here 😅 there is sediment in my wine bottles!! 😱🤬😡😠🤢 can I fix this by getting it back into a carboy and letting it sit longer after I've already done wine conditioner and Everything? Or do I just throw the whole...
  3. bstnh1

    Heavy sediment before fermentation

    I started a WE California Chardonnay (Selection) yesterday. Followed the instructions, as usual. Today there's close to 2 inches of fluffy sediment on the bottom of the Fermonster I'm using for primary. For years I have kept the must temp up by setting the carboys in a wash tub filled with...
  4. Monty Knapp

    Can I add clearing agent again?

    I joined this forum recently and I'm on my 2nd batch of Dragons Blood wine. That's actually how I found this forum, by searching for more great recipes like Dragon's Blood. Anyway, I've been reading the threads and found some discussion about Dragon's Blood wine developing sediment after it was...
  5. D

    Sediment cleaning and label removing

    Hello all! I am new to the site and fairly new to wine making. I have two problems that I am looking for assistance with: 1. I recently made a batch of wine and when I went to start sampling after about a month, there was sediment in the bottom of every bottle. My local home brew supply...
  6. ssteph2747

    Strawberry Wine looks weird

    Hey all, strawberry wine is my second wine I made with a primary fermenter with fruit. I made it using frozen berries, pectic enzyme, etc. I have racked it to a secondary glass fermenter and it has been there since 1/20/2010 -we did NOT squeeze the bag. We've notice some weird "fog"...
  7. 1

    Should sediment still be at bottom?

    Hi everyone, We are in the process of making our first wine. Currently the wine is about 10 days in the carboy and it has stabilized. So we put the metabisulphate, sorbate, and the clarifier in. I used a drill mounted whip to drive off the CO2. My question is in regards to the sediment...