Bottling problem, bottled too early...🤢

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Oct 24, 2020
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I bottled my wine too early. I know.... Bad mistake. Super embarrassed and mad over here 😅 there is sediment in my wine bottles!! 😱🤬😡😠🤢 can I fix this by getting it back into a carboy and letting it sit longer after I've already done wine conditioner and Everything? Or do I just throw the whole wine away?
I would just learn from the mistakes, decant the wine and carefully pour out without any of the sediment. It isn't a lost cause.
Thank you!!! I appreciate your reply. Will it be good with time still or should I try to drink it sooner than later
Q? . . does the wine taste good? Yes, you have to keep it, no! you have permission to toss

when “cleaning up” a wine for contest I will suck it into a new bottle with 1/8 inch tubing. . . . The photo is a 50cc syringe, but I could have used a turkey baster or the vacuum pump with a two hole cork or if I didn’t have a lot of tools a vacuum cleaner with a two hole cork and one of those hollow carboy corks on the suction hose. When using a vacuum pump I regulate the pull by putting a “T” in line and then have a finger over the third port to finesse the rate it sucks to the clean bottle.

! never toss good tasting wine! !
While I generally agree with "decant", the amount of sediment matters. If it's a dusting, it's a nuisance and live with it.

If you have 1/4" or more sediment, it may be a problem, as there will be grape solids that can decompose.

On the plus side, uncorking an entire batch of wine and clearing it will ensure you NEVER make this mistake again! ;)

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