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Jan 19, 2022
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Central Alberta
It was a pretty big disappointment for me when my high end kits lost their bold front end vanilla creamy oak flavors. I had been making wine like a madman. I was aiming to be years ahead to let things really develop, then FLOP. It all stalled out. I had more than I would need, especially if I had to make an effort to get through what was already made.

I have been neglecting things. Feeling a little disinterested, and that what I had was possibly not worth bottling... Pity party?

You never mind what kind of party's I throw! ;)

SO! Today I finally jumped back in. The flavors I was enjoying are still long gone, but the wine is still developing and becoming better. I tasted them, and I enjoyed them and got them in bottles. I assume with these being 8 week kits and most people pushing out the extra 3 months at most that there is a flavor profile that is created to make a great wine early, but as they develop those lab designed flavors fall away as things develop as a wine naturally does?

Seems I now have to decide to aim to hit a window and drink within it, or push for full development.

Anyway, I went through everything in bulk today. I bottled 5 kits that I had split to 3 gallons and I tasted the the last 5 and added kmeta.

Wine is lovely. You can take a small sabbatical and it just sits and waits till you are ready. I have been aging the Chardonnay sur lie for a LONG time. I have to check my notes, but I would say it is pushing a year. I know the juice buckets are coming up on a year. I am going to have to post on those for some future plans, but I had a lot of fun today. Almost 5 hours tinkering and bottling and my faith is restored and my passion is renewed. I have a couple kits to get started and the haskaps are still waiting in the freezer. I have some more bottling to do, and the new wines, but I am going to have to go through all of the experimental gallon batches I have as well. Perhaps tomorrow.

I ran out of corks! 😄 I decided to push for the last 3 gallons and use my Vacu Vin for the 4 bottle I couldn't cork. I had a few 3/4 bottles and even with those I still had enough. Glad I thought to buy extra, never even thought of them for a moment like this.

Anyway, glad to be back in the saddle. I have not shared much as I was waiting to catch up to what I had made. I thought I better give an update and say hello again!

Oh, and the beauty of bottling 3 gallons at a time.. Over half are already labeled!


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