#3 silicon stopper for temporary closure

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Nov 5, 2006
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Raleigh, NC, USA
Tonight I racked 4 liters of Cabernet Franc, as I needed top up for the barrel. The plan was to top the barrel, then move the remainder into 750 ml bottles, which I plug with a #3 silicon stopper, which makes great temporary storage.

Added 500 ml to the barrel, tasted the barrel sample against the topup wine, and filled 4 bottles. "Corking" the first two bottles was fine, there's about 1/4" sticking up above the rim. However, for the third one the #3 stopper went nearly flush with the mouth. #4 went right into the bottle. @^*%!!!


I brought the bottle upstairs into the kitchen, as the kitchen is currently about 10 degrees F warmer than the cellar. I have hopes that as the wine warms up, pressure will push the stopper up enough to snag it.

I'm not confident that will work, and considered using a cork pull, but that will scar the edges.

So ... I suspect I'll insert a corkscrew halfway into the stopper, and see if I can pull it up. If I don't go all the way through, it should still be good. But if I destroy it? Lesson learned.

Oddly enough, all other bottles I've used these on have been no problem -- this batch of clear bottles appears to have a wider interior diameter.

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