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    Bottling problem, bottled too early...🤢

    I bottled my wine too early. I know.... Bad mistake. Super embarrassed and mad over here 😅 there is sediment in my wine bottles!! 😱🤬😡😠🤢 can I fix this by getting it back into a carboy and letting it sit longer after I've already done wine conditioner and Everything? Or do I just throw the whole...
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    Please help: Cloudy dark and liquor- like wine issue.

    I am having an issue with my wine. First off it's way too strong (doesn't even taste like wine. It would be ok if it were strong and fruity or strong and sweet), perhaps a bit vinegary. To me it's vodka-like but muddy looking. My husband and a freind think it tastes vinegary. It also has almost...