Heavy sediment before fermentation

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Jun 6, 2012
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In the woods of New Hampshire
I started a WE California Chardonnay (Selection) yesterday. Followed the instructions, as usual. Today there's close to 2 inches of fluffy sediment on the bottom of the Fermonster I'm using for primary. For years I have kept the must temp up by setting the carboys in a wash tub filled with water heated with an aquarium heater. So I've never really been able to see the bottom of the Fermonster, carboys, etc. while they're sitting in the water. This year I decided to make things a bit easier and use a carboy heater, so I can now see everything in the carboy. My question is this: Is it normal to have a thick blanket of sediment even before fermentation is underway? The only thing that's been added to the must is a couple of packets of oak powder, the Bentonite and the yeast.