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  1. A

    Fermentation - Strong Cap but Brix is 0

    9 days in Cab Franc and Merlot 5 gallons each the cap is strong, but the refractometer reads 0 time to press?
  2. stasia

    muscadine wine explosion; pls help

    Hello all. Complete novice here. I know next to nothing about wine-making, but I had a lot of muscadines, so I decided to follow a simple recipe for muscadine wine using very basic, non-professional equipment. As per that recipe, I let the wine ferment for a week in one gallon mason jars...
  3. A

    DIY Fermentation Boxes - ideas…

    I am looking for ideas to upgrade my current pink foam fermentation chamber. I use foam, ink bird controller and an old light bulb. Works good but I am looking for something more stable and long lasting. Let’s see photos of yours, what do you use for heat source.
  4. Jim Cepaniewski

    Malolactic Fermentation

    Hello all, I need your help/advice. I have wines that are about one month past primary fermentation. I’m concerned my Reds did not complete malolactic fermentation, so instead of paying to have them tested, I’m just going to add more cultures. This is where my question lies… What if I take a...
  5. N

    MLF Help/Suggestions!

    Hey all, love the great tips on here. Could use some help of my own. I pressed my Cab. Two days later, I carefully racked my carboys to the neck and I began MLF that day. it’s been just over 2 weeks since MLF has visibly been going on but some heavy sediment has accumulated...should I rack...
  6. peter.povy

    Green fungi during red wine fermentation

    Hello, I'm tring to make my first red wine. Now it's the second week of fermentation and when I made a small control of the wine I noticed a few, small (2-4mm), green color particles. Is this a mold contamination? Smell of the wine is fine. What should I do now? Thank you Peter
  7. tradowsk

    Yeast Alcohol Tolerance

    A question I've had but never really found a good answer for: what happens to yeast when they reach their alcohol tolerance? Do they start dying off? Or do they just go dormant? For example, say I had a wine where the yeast reached their tolerance and stopped fermenting even though there was...
  8. M

    Mustang Grape Wine

    Hello! First-timer here! I'm fermenting about 1.8 gallons (juice and skins) of Mustang Wine in an 8 gallon fermenting bucket. Ingredients: Mustang Grapes, 8 lbs Granulated Sugar, 2 lbs Boilding Water, 5 pints Campden Tablet, 1 crushed Pectic Enzyme, 1tsp Yeast 7/28/20 around midnight Starting...
  9. A

    Fermentation speed on peach wine

    First off, this is my first experiment with anything but grape kits. I based my recipe off the one found here: One-Gallon Fruit Wine Recipes | Quality Wine And Ale Supply | HomeBrewIt.com :: HomeBrewIt.com, and I used Lalvin K1-V1116 yeast (recommended by local store). Made the must about a...
  10. R

    Potassium Metabisulfate in Rose Wine Kit

    I'm playing with a Rose kit and curious if anyone would add any Potassium Metabisulfate before you ferment it? The instructions don't say add it before fermenting, only after so curious if you would add it before with a kit.
  11. Davielovesgravy

    Anyone had a Red Kit take a really long time to ferment?

    Quick question y’all please, has anyone had a Red wine kit take a lot longer than normal to stop fermenting? I am making my second 30bottle “Make Your Own” red kit from The Range and unlike the first kit this one seems to be really slowing down, it’s about 1038 after just over a week. It’s...
  12. G

    How do i know if my yeast is working?

    First time making wine. How can i know if my yeast is working or not? It has been 20 hours since i started it. I followed the instructions from the kit. But im just wondering should there be more bubbles or what should i see? Also my lid for my primary fermentor doesnt have a hole for an air...
  13. Cellar Vader

    Is K-Meta harmful to a fermentation

    Last night I used a stir-spoon on my young (1-day old) fermentation (a kit) without having rinsed off the kmeta that I had sprayed on it to disinfect it. Is this harmful to the yeast cells which are in the process of reproducing? We're talking about a very small amount, but still, I need to...
  14. David Barber

    Fruit wines using hot plate.

    Good Morning! I started making fruit wines. So far, they have been excellent! I started using a hotplate and monitoring the fermentation container to keep it at 95 degrees F. I had read that yeast grow well at this temperature. The fermentation occurs about 1 day faster using this method...
  15. J

    Runaway Chardonnay

    I just picked up 9 gallons of Chardonnay juice that started bubbling and continues to bubble even after adding campden tablets. Here is what I have done so far....Last Thursday I picked up the pasteurized juice, kept it refrigerated for 24+ hours, let it get to room temperature (66 deg) and...
  16. Meridyth Orner

    NEW Stacking 1000L SS Tanks

    EnoToscano Stainless Steel Stacking Storage and Transport Tanks - 10hL NEW! Never used floor models $3,499 each OR $6.499 for the pair Features: - Stainless steel tanks made in AISI 304 - Bright annealed inside with satin welding - Marble outside with satin welding - 2" TC full drain SS ball...
  17. C

    Does fizzing mean fermenting?

    Hello. First timer here. I am using the wine eclipse kit with grape skins. 6 gallons in 8 gallon plastic bucket with lid and airlock from Master Vinter. I see mixed advice for covered v. uncovered but decided to airlock it for my first go. Followed directions to a T I believe. Pitched the...
  18. MisterEd

    Calculating btu/energy load of simultaneous fermentations.

    I am looking for information regarding btus/heat energy generated during a wine fermentation. I have accessed one source and it indicated between 150 and 250 btus per gallon or 25 btus per pound of grapes. I need to size an air conditioner for a glycol bath that will need to handle as many as...
  19. TikiWine

    Fizzy Moscato?

    I recently had a nice Moscato that wasn't too sweet or too crisp. It had a nice flavor and a slight fizz about it. I am trying to figure out how to do this with a wine kit. Any thoughts?
  20. C

    Blueberry wine fermentation guidance

    I am new to winemaking. I have made wine once before, but it was from a kit. I recently began making blueberry wine from fresh blueberries. I am currently in the primary fermentation phase, or so I think. When I added my smashed blueberries and sugar, I got my specific gravity to 1.096 before...