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Nov 6, 2006
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Ok make your list here for what you would like SANTA :snta to get for you under the tree!
I dont need anything really except for some time to clean about 300 bottles and do some bottling! So Santa, can you just give me a few more hours in a day for the next few weeks!
Already got my Mini Jet in the mail for Christmas. I was thinking about the B V Jet electric bottle filler but George talked me out of it due to the amount of wine I do. That guy is awsome! Looking out for us and not just the almighty buck. That is the service that makes me buy from a place.
Yep, hes damn good man and jut another reason I will always moderate for his forum also!
Who is George, I have heard his name spoke highly of in here, so who is he?

I know that I haven't been the best boy in the world, but I still think I've been pretty good, so please bring me a Ken Ridge Founders Series Australian Cabernet Shiraz. If that box is too heavy for you, I would also be very happy with the Ken Ridge Showcase version.

Thank you, your admirer Steve
Funny, I bought another 100 from him and just opened that bag to dump into my corkidor and was blasted by the S02 level in the bag. I always knew that he shipped his corks this way to keep them good but never caught a whiff of the inside of the bag. POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont stick your head in the bag and breathe!:rdo
A brain that isn't affected by the blonde gene would be useful in my case.
Leanne, i will be sure I check in with the wizard before we start skipping on yellow bricks!! He's an old friend of mine we'll see what he can do !!!!!

for me I NEED a bag of 1,000 corks real bad ! REAL SOON :dg:dg
Will have to think about it.. I don't really need anything.

Hi Santa. Could I please have a better tool to fill my bottles than a bottle wand? I'm don't like spilling my wine when filling bottles. Thanks.
Ask him for this ! Its a Boun Vino Bottle Filler

I have it and love it. Needless to say it gets used alot here. I do my limit 1,000 bottles a year.
Write to him here.

I live only like 20 miles from here. When my Mom came to visit this was one of the first and only places to visit.

One of the coolest, and I mean "super coolest" things there was a whole wall filled with letters kids wrote to Santa. That was remarkable, absolutely the neatest. I hope someday someone publishes a book on these.

Just remeber, he knows if you have "been naughty or nice".

If it's true I may get something. The rest of know whats on that list. LOLLOL


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