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Feb 2, 2009
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05-03-2009, 10:44 AM #1
Wade E
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3 Gallon Recipe
28 lbs of very ripe peaches (destoned and quartered)
4 ounce liquid concentrate bottle (all of it)
1/4 tsp k-meta
1/4 tsp of sorbate
1 sachet of Red Star Champagne yeast
Adjust SG with sugar and small amount of boiling water to 1.085

Cold Soak Process
Take the peaches and place them in a processor and pulse them until they are almost totally smooth (want some pces of flesh to break down naturally). Place
peach pulp in strainer bag in bucket and add pectic enzyme After 2-3 days of punching down and wringing out fruit remove strainer bag and add yeast.

Pulp to F-pac readiness procedure
Take the pulp bag and place it in a large Chef's strainer press until there is no juice left to extract. Dont throw pulp out yet but freeze it. Add the k-meta and sorbate to the juice and refrigerate it till later.

After 3rd racking off wine add the juice with the sorbate and k-meta and let it sit for a few weeks to clear on its own. 1 month before bottling, if not clear use SuperKleer KC.

NOW what I did with the pulp is I had a wine batch that wasn't very tasty so I thought out side the box and took the pulp that I had frozen,remember that one, and placed it into a 3 gallon vessel and add the peach pulp, after 1 month I had the most awesome peach cider, do this strictly in the fridge...cold soak it,,,,,nothing wasted from the peach just the stone.

Wade E
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Yesterday, 02:12 PM #2

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Howdy Wade. Your peach recipe calls for all of a 4oz bottle of concentrate. I just scored a 40lb block of frozen peaches and am looking over recipes. This bottle is concentrated what?
Thanks Brad

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I am not deperate, just hit the wrong button. Sorry about the double post
have fixed problem Woodbee.. you can actually delete your posts yourself.. down the bottom right of your screen is an edit option, hit that and you get a delete option on the right in the edit screen..

Allie :p
Hope you are not mixing prescription drugs with your WINE !
I kinda remember you had surgery? or something..
Pectic enzyme! Peach is notorious for having lots of pectin in it and not clearing. This is 1 of those additives that has no issues with using too much as it does what it needs to do and evacuates your wine leaving no sign behind.
Tom, I addamently hate drugs!! Even perscription drugs. I am getting through this with out any artificial help! I want to make that clear. I like natural tea, but that is as far as I go.

thanks all. I guess Ive never seen peptic enzyme in a sloution before. I have only used it in its powder form.
I see it both ways as powdered form and small bottles of concentrated liquid and that was what I meant. moral of the story is dont be afraid to use more of this with fruit wines that have more then a normal share pf pectin and are typically harder to clear like Peach, apple, rhubarb, and pear.
apple and pear are easy to clear if you juiced it yourself.

if you buy the's a pain in the proverbial to clear..

It'll ferment fine though.

just my personal opinion.

Thanks again. On a side note it was interesting that you guys mention how hard clearing some wines can be. I run my fruits ( pear apple and elderberry )through a cider press to get my juices. I have been running double batches of each. One 5 of straight juice and the second batch I will add mulling spices. Generally I use mashed ginger root,allspice,clove and cinnomon. I have noticed that the spiced batch always clears way before the second batch of plain juice. I wonder if the ginger or one of the other spices adds a clearing quality?
Brad, I would be interested to see your recipe you mentioned that uses ginger, etc. I don't know why, but I am becoming quite interested in this "spiced" hard cider. If you don't mind, please post the recipe for us. I just racked a apple wine into the secondary a couple days ago. This was regular Tree Top apple juice. Used Pectin E in the begining, and it is actually clearing quite nicely. I keep hearing about Peach not clearing real fast, well a while back I made a batch of Peach wine from fresh whole pieces. Yes, I used PE, but I actually was amazed on how quick it began to clear. Go figure.
arcticsid. On making our spiced apple. It was 100% apple juice from Johnathans that had been through a cider press. Everything pretty standard except in the must I put in
48 oz rasins
5 large cinnamon sticks
3 oz smashed ginger root
1.5 tsb ground cloves
I ran this batch really sweet. It started at 1.155 and finished at 1.07. Then to most of it I added brandy up too 21-22 abv. Then it went into my Estufa for three months at 130 degrees. Viola Maderia. And it is wonderfulllllllllllll I bottled about 10 bottles of the unbaked batch. It wouldn't make bad pancake syrup.
We have also used about the same quantities of these spices in a bartlett pear and an Asian pear and now I have a carboy of eaderberry that is just about ready for bottles
Here is the label I made for that wine
Wood, thats sound EXCELLENT. Glad it worked so wel!! The label looks fantastic, great compliment to a great cider.
Wolf, All of the pictures we have used on our labels came from the public domain in Photobucket. Then I stuck them into windows "Paint" and played with them. They were alot of fun creating.
Wood, i didn't know you could deal with "layers" in paint. Good info.

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