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Aug 11, 2021
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I've got a batch of peach wine and blackberry wine going. I've made wine kits for the last 3 years with great success, and this is my first time making some from "scratch".
I followed a recipe online that seems to be Ok so far. I started both in a primary for a week then moved to secondary. SG was 1.075 on both batches, I racked when SG was at 1.000, and primary fermentation looked to be done.
I have a 3 gallon carboy, 1 gallon bottle and a 1 litre wine bottle as secondary.
When I racked the wine, I didn't add any chemicals, I used a filter bag to take the fruit chunks out.

It's been in the secondary for just over 2 weeks and there's a lot of sediment in the bottom. There does not seem to be any fermentation going any longer.

I was going to rack to get rid of the sludge at the bottom.
I don't have another carboy, so I was going to rack to a primary bucket, clean out the carboy and rack back to the carboy. This is my normal procedure when I make the kits. I use the primary to add the clearing and to degas before I rack back to the carboy for finishing. I'll keep the splashing to a minimum to avoid adding too much air to the wine.

My question is - Should I add anything to the wine when I rack back to the carboy?

I see postings about adding K-meta. on the kits, I add the chemicals they provide, including the clearing.
I'm planning on leaving it in the carboy for another month or so to clear on its own and maybe re-racking if the sludge on the bottom becomes excessive.
Just as Salcoco said. Peach will be the slowest to clear possibly taking up to a year (Yeah, it's patience tester, but worth it.) The blackberry should clear on it's own in a few months. Personally I would age both of them a year for the best, smoothest mature flavor.

Depending on how much additional sediment drops out after this first pos-ferment rack, you might need to do that once more in say 2-4 weeks after this next racking. BUT again as Salcoco said the K-Meta only needs to be added every 3 months.