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Nov 12, 2009
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Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a winemaker and web progammer fro
CA. Looking forward to browsing the forums!

Hi and welcome to the forum. Jump in and post so that we can get to know you.
Hello and welcome to the forum,

good to have a new face in here.. what's in the cellar??

In my cellar I've got about +/- 1Mil gallons of 2009 wine, mostly Zinfandel.

I work for a large-ish winery in Sonoma, CA that specializes in Zin, but enjoy making / tasting all kinds of wine.

Life wouldn't be complete without beer, so in my spare time I brew a little too.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
Welcome Stu, sounds like you have some good experience with wine making. I noticed that you said you have +/- 1 mil gallons. Are you registered as a winery cause anything over 200 gallons per household is just a tad illegal.

i will start a whole new thread about your cellar.. so our brand new member Stu,, can have his threadpost back..

our apologies Stu..

@Wade E, yes thankfully we are permitted for that volume, the ABC wouldn't take long to shut us down if we weren't :)

Glad to have found this corner of the web!
Looks like this hobby exploded ! LOL !
Welcome aboard..

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