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Jul 28, 2010
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Just an old guy here who had never made wine, looked into it and have now made 4 five gal batches of fruit wines, huckleberri, strawberri,yellow plum, Mango, almost ready and rasberrie is next up. Like what I made better than anything in the stores, very dry. :i
Welcome! I'm about to start a mango batch myself. How did yours turn out?
First wine I ever made I used a Dole frozen concentrate.
Peach/Mango/Strawberry. Needed to use pectic enzyme to help break it down, but it was fabulous.
Welcome Chuck and glad to have you aboard. As said by others feel free to ask any questions you have as we have lots of experienced wine makers and some are even commercial or on their way.
Whats up Chuck..HaHa, I'm sure you've never heard that before. Welcome to the forum, these people on here are outstanding with answering questions and are always willing to help one another.

Again, Welcome to the forum
I have been poking about the site especially for me the fruit wine area, and what a pleasent evening it has been. Already many new ideas and who says you can not teach old dogs new tricks.......found the f-pak....outstanding site. Thanks
Welcome Chuck I also like to make the Fruit wines, this site is where its at for great info and great people.:fsh

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