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Jun 2, 2009
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Hey all - thanks for all the good advice so far. Anyone know how to add an "avatar" on the left sidebar, basically a picture or something?
Hi there MN-Winer,

Although I haven't put up an avatar myself yet, I think you do it by going to the "User CP" button which is near the top left when you are in the main forum listing page (CP = your Control Panel), and then click on the ... Edit Profile Picture ... button on the left under the 'Your Profile' header.

From there you should be able to load up an image from your hard-drive.
That would be the way.
Tell us about your winemaking. Whats fermenting?
Welcome aboard. You indeed do add the avatar as said through the User Control Panel. i

Ahhh - what a great welcome!! Thanks. What I'm holding in my right hand in the picture is one bottle from my first 30 bottle batch. What a fun hobby!!

I've got a WE VR Riesling in the Secondary right now still bubbling away at about 1 bubble per minute. Hoping to stir stabilize, degass and proceed to clearing end of next week. I'm a little worried about this particular kit. Reason is - its wine my wife will be drinking and she likes a sweeter riesling. I've taken SG measurments from the wine she likes and its about 1.010, which is high sugar for my tastes but she likes it. I still haven't decided how to back sweeten it yet. I got some "conditioner" at the LHBS in my town but I'm afraid 500ml may not provide the sugar she will want. I also am a little hesitant to sugar the wine down too much so it loses its flavor.

I"m hoping to head to the LHBS tomorrow and pick up a WE Chilean Cab kit as well as some more supplies, cleaner, corks etc.

I also have a one gallon jug and want to make a batch of wine from frozen concentrate - concord I guess.

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