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  • Hey Winot.. thankyou for the lovely comments on my album.. I have only just seen them!


    Hi BettyJ - They are new out of the packet, so I just hand wash them in flowing hot water, then boil in water for 20 minutes in a sausepan, then soak in a Na-met solution for 20 minutes, drip dry on Al-foil and there ready to go. I use same procedure to clean after use.

    Occasionally a few marbles split in half while boiling, so there might be some glass chips in the bottom of the sausepan, but I just discard those.

    Best to guesstimate the volume of marbles needed beforehand. If a lot are required, then roll at least two thirds of these into the demijohn 'before' racking wine in, since dropping them in through the neck can cause a little splashing (not much, but best to be avoided). If there is only a small amount of headspace to be made up then you might as well just hand feed these in after racking as they won't be falling from a great height and won't be too many.
    Wow - I never thought of using marbles for head space! How do you clean them? Very cool pics:)
    Hi there Madriver, LOL - it seems I can never buy enough marbles to fill the head space.

    The Strawberry and the Pineapple are almost 6 months now and quite clear, so will probably bottle those soon. I need a couple bottles soon to start a kiwi-fruit melomel or a mango wine. A few tartrate crystals (I think) in the bottom of the 2 pineapple demi's. I will do the sweetening in a couple weeks time then let sit for another month before bottling those 2 batches (probably bottle in mid-Sept). I'm dying to taste them, particularly the pineapple which was quite nice early on.

    I think around 5-6 months the wines really improve noticeably. The Apricot at 5 and half months was really nice (compared to at 3 months).

    They look tasty when you photograph them in the right light it seems! A flash in a dark basement seems to bring out the colour.

    I will have to start researching corking next.
    The wines look great. It looks like they have kidney stones though. Might be the water lol. Seriously they look tasty. Planning on bottling any in the near future?
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