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Nov 23, 2009
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Here's what I have & did so far :
I started WE selection original series -Gewurztraminer on Dec 29 The temp was 72 F ,SG 1.080
Jan. 6 - SG was 1.000 only had to be 1.010 racked into carboy ,it was foamy on top but wasn't to concerned figured it would go away in a few days .
When I checked the SG on Thurs Just to see where it was and the SG was .999 so thought it was going to be another week before it was ready . Well I just checked it now with 2 hydrometers to make sure it was right and it at SG .990 . Temp has been between 68 - 70 since the last racking .The smell I can't really comment on because I haven't done a Gewurztraminer before , sure smells different then other types but not a rank rotten smell .
So could you guys have a look at the pics and tell me if i should be concerned about the foam on top and whatever that is on the carboy .Also should I go ahead and stablize & clear it ? Another thing I'm thinking is the Alcohol level is going to be high ,nevermind I did the math & it's only at 11.79 % .compared to the 11 % it would have been hubby's going to like that .



I don't think there is anything going wrong just from the pictures you have. Some ferments go a little foamer then others and can leave residue on the glass like that. Gewurz is higher in aromatics then other wines so you can expect a stronger smell from it.
Thanks Racer I did end up calling the store and he said the same as you Gewurz does that and expect to be doing alot of degassing . Even said I might want to wait until tomorrow to add F pack ,since I'm off and lots of time that's what I decided to do .
It looks the same as our RJS Gewürztraminer did a year ago. Great color..... no worries about the foam. Those is FLAVOR BUBBLES!! haha.

Degas Degas Degas, clarify, stabilize.

Looks delicious.
Gewürztraminer is a nice wine. A couple of years age WE had a LE Gewürztraminer from the Mosel Valley. My mom just loves it as she was born in Germany.
Looks good to me also. I did a limited edition kit last year from WE and it was fantastic, I have one cooking right now from Heron Bay. Fantastic wine!
Tom what do you guys mean by LE kits, is it just a limited number of the grape available at that particular time?
Troy, that means these are kits you have to preorder and they only come out with them once a year. Usually Jan thru march. most of the manufactures do them. Once they're gone you can't get em anymore unless if they reintroduce them again like WE did this year.
Yeah, but what makes them special? Limited amount of the grape?
Yeah, but what makes them special? Limited amount of the grape?
Basically the kit manufacturer contracts for a grape that they do not normally sell. It may be a less well known grape, or may be from a location that is normally not available.

For example, Spagnols has a German Ehrenfelser this year. A grape/wine that is not well known.

Looks fine! Here's my story!


I made this same wine last year from a WE kit.

I had a questionable scent and taste during the fermenting process, it wasn't major, and my gravities weren't perfect, because of where I was doing my fermenting.

BUT! The thing that I found after I bottled (still kinda wondering about this one) was to let it sit. Take what the instructions say about fining and drinking times, and double them. I'd recommend at least 4 months before drinking.

I, at first thought the batch was bad when I first tried a batch after the first month like the instructions said, but for my batch it wasn't until after month five that the wine was really good.

I'd say be patient with it, unless there's some really wicked or off odors, or the gravity is really out of whack.

Keep us posted!

Thanks folks .It says to wait atleast amonth before you taste but will improve after 3-6 months .So we were thinking probably good by summer time .even better by Christmas .We need to get a couple of kits that we can drink early so we don't get into our aging wines .
When I was topping off the carboy I couldn't decide if to do water or wine but after a little sip decided to go with water because the alcohol taste was strong I don't like the strong alcohol taste but hubby does of course I rule when it comes to that .Since he didn't know that lol .The flavour is good though .

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