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Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
A lot of great comments on here regarding the potential benefits of natural/wild yeast fermentation of wine,
From the experiences provided it certainly makes a case for going with natural/wild yeasts.
The caveats I would add are:
> Do you know what yeasts are present in your wine making location and on your grapes /fruit?
> Are you a risk taker?
> Are you experienced enough to recognize when things aren't going right and will you know how fix the issues.

Someone who lives near a known good location where excellent wines are produced will like have a better chance for a happy outcome than someone who lives in a desert or area where serious mold issues exist. Basic biology applies.

I say this because unless you know what is or is not out there, a beginner might be far better off to start off with more controlled conditions until they have successfully run through the entire process a time or two OR unless you have an experienced person to coach you through a natural ferment.

Find your happy place and go for it.
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