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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
Great and helpful thread.
I have 5 gallons of sauv blanc made from frozen juice from WGD. Supplier numbers were TA of 0.70, pH 3.37, Brix 24.0. I measured pH at 3.5, brix at 23.5, SpGr of 1.100. Supplier included 10 gm Tartrate which I added before primary. Immediately before primary pH was 3.6 (went the wrong way!) I used bentonite in primary fermentation which took 10 days to finish to a SpGr of 0.992. I racked it with 1/4 tsp KMeta. Post primary fermentation pH is 3.65. It has been in a carboy for 4 days and is slowly clearing.
I don’t want MLF and am considering lysozyme, but am wondering about dropping the pH with some tartrate. I’m intending to leave on fine lees with some battonage for a few months.
This is my first non-kit wine, I am getting a TA kit and am slightly intimidated by measuring free SO2, so haven’t attempted.
Any thoughts, advice or comments much appreciated. :)

Congrats on the first non kit wine!
I Just recently learned the major affect freezing temps have on ph readings. your initial readings were likely skewed by temps I bet. And If WGD supplied a bucket with known levels and gave you a specific amount of tartaric acid to dial in the ph- chances are that they won’t steer you wrong.

And even now at 3.65– I wouldn’t lower the ph just for the sake of it. It’s already fermented and it’s at a healthy range. Any adjusting at this point can just do by taste after a few months. TA testing isn’t necessary. Could just take a few small samples for bench trial- like 50mL or something. Figure the math and add .25g/L, .50g/L, .75g/L and 1.0g/L 1.5g/L etc. Pick your favorite (or none) and dose the batch. Plus this way ensures you don’t overdo it.

TA testing not required for it. And also ya don’t need a kit. Kits go by color change and are a pain. You can just use your ph meter, a bottle of NaOH, and a lab syringe and you’re good to go.

As far as so2, i used the titrets for a few years and they were awesome. Definitely accurate enough for my needs. About $20 for a 10pack. Cheaply testing so2