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Oct 26, 2008
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As opposed to comment on evryones individual posts in this section, I wanted to say I enjoy looking at all of them! I hope I am not the only one who enjoys looking through them.

Wade, your labels are really sharp !

I'll see about getting some more in there myself. I am using dial up right now, so attaching photos takes forever. This weekend I need to go and do some computer work for my buddy, he has high speed up there, maybe I'll put some onto a thumb drive and load them in while I am there.

Keep up the good work everyone. The posts in the album are an inspiration to all.

I use photobucket for doing that as it works much faster and I can store all my photos there and if my computer ever crashes I have them all stored on a site still. Its free and its my back up.
I agree, Troy. I need to take the time to explore more of the albums. I always look forward to comments as feedback on mine.

My daughter uses Facebook like a private photo album. I back all mine up to CD. I just don't like me and mine having their personal stuff wandering around the 'net. I've never explored Photobucket, so I don't know their security.

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