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Old Philosopher

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  • Well, I just got email that, as a "free" membership, my gallery will be going away, and my PM reduced to 5 messages, so my participation here is going to be pretty limited. Oh, more Avatar. Humph!
    I value everything I've learned from you folks. Thanks for getting me on the right path!
    No problem HB/Bill/William...hahaha. I always favored the moniker from an old move where this socialite had to make it politically correct and called a hillbilly a "mountian William". :h
    OP... I am not sure what is going on, but it appears they (the ones on the golden thrones) have changed my username. Maybe when I requested the change from Bill to something else, (which resulted in the change to Hillbilly Bill) the request did not get deleted. It looks like someone else has treated like a new request and changed my username to William. I guess that is ok, but I was getting kind of fond of the Hillbilly Bill moniker.
    Just thought I would explain it to you.
    Take care...

    P.S. I am still a hillbilly and Bill is still my nickname.
    Yeah, HB, those are all my pix. While I prefer my 35mm SLR, all the pix you will see on the boards are digital. Sorry excuse for a camera, but adequate for now.
    I've been on the net for awhile now, and you won't find any pictures of my ugly mug anywhere. Ego doesn't require that I post them, and security requires that I don't. I prefer the view from behind the camera. :pic
    OK Ol' Philosopher... you can't get away from posting a pic of yourself. How can we be buddies if I don't even know what your mug looks like? Get busy... by the way... nice pics of your backyard. Did you take the pics? If so, what kind of camera did you use. I got rid of my SLR's... just have my digitals now. I will probably start an album before too long... won't have too many deer in the pics though... my neighbor around the hill is shooting them all. That's ok... I have shot my fair share, but I guess I am getting soft in my old age. When they eat my garden clean, at least I know they are getting fed. Rough year for all of the animals around here... no acorns, very few apples, etc. Spring cold spell killed all (most) of the blossoms.
    Hey... get that pic in one of your albums.
    Hillbilly Bill
    Thanks, Sacalait, for accepting my friend request!
    I live in a little hanging valley in the Northern Rockies.
    My profile picture is the closest I could come to representing a deer caught in the headlights, when it comes to wine/brewing. :<
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