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Aug 18, 2021
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Hey, Everyone, Glad to be a part of this, and thank you for allowing me to participate!! During COVID in 2020, I built a garden and 1 of the items I planted was a Frontenac Grape vine that was already a year old. So, last year was more about “growth and training” Onto the trellis. This year, I wasn’t expecting much, but was surprised to see the 20-25 clusters that sprang up! I watched these clusters bloom, and then mature, and then into veraison stage. My trellis was built as “West to East”, instead of a more traditional “North/South” setup. I think this helped these Frontenac grapes age enough for me to harvest them last night.
I live in the southwest Suburbs of Chicago, near Joliet - in case you wanted to gauge my Grape’s location and Zone. This is my first ever try in making my own wine, so I am enjoying the process so far, but might lean on some of you for guidance from time to time…lol. I provided a picture what I brought in last night to give an idea….thanks again!!CEF18E8A-8949-4B34-8EED-968E86DF080F.jpeg
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