I've got a job!

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Awesome, congratulations The lithium Iron battery sounds very Interesting. Good luck.
One down and now just a couple hundred million more to go!
I am SOOOOOO envious!! I've worked for myself for almost ten years and it's been a fair thing.
But since the housing recession took our economy into the gutter I've been looking for something steady.
Sure would be nice to find something that pays the bills and has a little bit of insurance.
Congrats Allie looks like an interesting place to work . What exactly wikll you be doing there ?
Wish it was that fast to get a job here.
Congrats !
Congrats to you! It's good to see that jobs are being found.
Congrats! I also would like to know what you'll be doing there. Do tell...
Great! but why would you want a job???????????? Sorry I've beenself employed for so long it's like I'm retired.

This will keep you busy and you can make some new friends. Just leave the wine bottles at home, no need to have any for lunch.
just peeked in online.. for a second..

am getting the teens up and organised for school.. will pop back in and give you the details of it all a bit later..

and cheers guys.. I am thrilled to have got it.. having been a stay at home mum for 18years ( and selling artwork from home).. was expecting to have to go for a lot of interviews, to get my foot in the door somewhere.


setting up online sales..

streamlining the office ( it's a bit untidy!)

screening the mail

sending out newsletters

expanding the customer base via online enquiries.

learning the product from sales to installation

cold calling and setting up presentations.

basically there is enough scope here to learn from the ground up and make a nice little career for myself.. which is what I wanted.. I'm 45 and still have 20 years worth of earning capacity.. plenty of time to build a career.


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