hott enuff for ya?

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not here.. we had a frost yesterday..

currently got the fire going , plenty of firewood left.
Yep, plenty hot here, abaout the same as xx and I had tpo work again today. I havent worked OT in 3 1/2 years and the 3 hottest week ends in a row of coarse is when we finally get some. Its a very hot shop so sweating like crazy and cutting wood blows, Does tarred and feathered ring a bell. The only good part was working with my boss and him trying to keep up with me both yesterday and today. Im betting he wont be in on Monday! He's always saying how slow we do things and blah, blah, blah. He was dying bith yesterday and today but tried not to show it yesterday, it was pretty evident this morning and when I left at 3:45 he was hiding in the corner. :p
yup yup its hellafied hot out there......but i luv it!!! been nice, so much better tahn this past winter
It's been in the upper 90's here with high humity. Need to put the water cooler with Skeeter next to the pool!!!
It's good to hear that work is picking up for some one at least Wade. Sorry you've had to work in such harsh conditions though. I'm thinking after the bosses workout with you, you probably wont hear from him for a little bit.

Hot and humid then flooding thunderstorms is getting old really really fast around here. We're supposed to see a break in that pattern for about 4 days starting tomorrow here I think.
This weather brought on a Tornado that missed us at work the other day by about 4 1/2 miles but we did get a microburst that slammed right in through the garage door and cleaned up our shop and sent all that dust all the way down to the other end which is about 175' away. they were in a big cloud of dust and out floor was spotless! :)
get that OT while ur able wade.. there come a time when its not there or ya cant do it no mo. me i just stay held up in my house till it cools dwn well i cant get out anyways my powerchair is broke dwn they say it will be tues b 4 they can come out and fix. grrrrr its only a tr old to.
Hell just start peeling your clothes off.. Now that may be a GREAT site or not.. :fsh
Been humid and upper 90s all week here today it's a bit cooler. Haven't had a decent rain in a while. The grass is all turning brown.
Hey Wade' tell the boss about how production and quality will improve if he would AC that shop.
We had ac at the last stair co. that I worked in and it sure is true, production never slowed down but when he's on the floor production doesnt slow down either! :(:w
Get him out there working with you a few more days in the oppresive heat, that will convince him.
It's really getting enjoyable down here in Florida now!
95 plus 75% humidity. Our rainy season is getting in full swing.
Really makes the yard grow quick.
we really need some rain...we havnt mowed in about 2 weeks and its not even ragedy looking yet!! its all brown and crispy when u step on it tho! you MUST wear shoes or that blade of grass may slice ur foot LOL! ok maybe not slice but i sure thought it was poking through my foot yesterday when i tried to walk barefoot!

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