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Aug 16, 2009
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Hello to all, I am the drunken midget. I'm in Alabama and so glad I found this forum. I've been making fruit wines for 15 years and still have a million questions, will try to refrain from asking more than one at a time. My interests mostly concern fruit ports & jacked combinations. So far this year I have made 48 gal., apple, raspberry & blackberry. Due to a bountiful growing season, I will have plenty of scuppernongs & muscadines so this will be my project for the next few weeks. 1st question..does anyone have a good recipe for pear mead? Cheers
Welcome, here is a good recipe for this. I have not made it but Mead only maker has and gave it to me as it was awesome.
Homemade Pear Mead Recipe (Perry)

5 lbs very ripe pears
6 cups honey
1 ½ teaspoon acid blend
1 Campden tablet
½ teaspoon pectic enzyme
Water to 1 gallon
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient
1 package wine yeast

Boil water in large pot. Crush pears and place in primary fermentation container. Pour water over fruit. Crush Campden tablet and add to container. Add acid blend and pectic enzyme and stir. Let rest one day. Add yeast and yeast nutrient, stir and cover. Stir once a day for one week. On the 7th day, strain and throw out pulp. Add honey and stir. Pour into secondary fermentation container and attach airlock. Rack every three months for one year. Rack into bottles at one year, and let rest for one additional year.
How did you find us?
Here you will find help on both Mead and Fruit wines. I suspect that St Allie and Smurfe will chime in soon to help with your mead.
waves hello..

sorry I don't have any mead recipes for pear mead..

you can ferment pears out on their own natural sugars though .. more like an fermented apple cider. We call it perry in NZ)

Hi and welcome.
Pear Mead is a very high sugar Mead. It will need constant watching in the first few days. what are you using? Which pears? What is your location temp.? Do you have a hydrometer?
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. Look forward to reading your posts.
one great thing about wine, you can make two wines and just mix them at the end. with this method you can determine how you like what percentage of each and mix accordingly. worked great for our kir and apple-jalepeno wine.
Thanks all for the hardy welcome and thanks wade for the recipe, I think I will take midwest's advice and make both. After all, how much is too much?

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