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Feb 16, 2009
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I started my first batch in Jan. it was from a kit it turned out great so far.
So i have started a new batch from frozen grape juice and that is going great. Now I am hooked. :) I am so glad I found this site I have so much more to learn.
My wife wants me to try apple cranberry from frozen juice. Has anybody tried this and if so how did it turn out?
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Welcome to our world. It is indeed a fun hobby, I myself became hooked almost immediately. Lots of good knowledgable people in here. You can find answers to alot of your questions by using the search feature on this site and just by grabbing a glass of wine and start reading through the past threads on the individual forums in here. Good luck. Any questions give a holler. Don't limit yourself to just grape juice, mix and match, etc. Make sure it is 100% juice and check the ingredients. you don't want any sulphites or sorbate listed in the ingredients. I am about to start a Pineapple/orangebanana with a dole frozen concentrate.

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Well, at least his wife is interested so we won't need to have her pop on the site and blame us for all the time and money he spends on this hobby. I don't think I can deal with anymore angry wives yelling at us for encouraging him. Hell at least were not suggesting he takes up gambling for a new pasttieme.
I try to break it all up cause when i first started getting realy hooked I spent a lot of time in the basement in "that room" and she was really starting to get pissed!
I feel sorry for you guys because my wife gets mad when we run out of wine. She tells me I better get down there and make more. HA HA HA
That was the woman Wade wanted to marry.
She's learned to live with him,a nd he found her a hobby of her own. Now she collects classic cars.
Thats pretty funny cause the kit was a xmas gift for my wife cause she wanted a new hobby but she didn't really get into it. But I helped her with it and I'm the one who got hooked on it. She is still intrested which finds my new found hobby in her good graces.:)
I was just thinking bro', buy her a brand new Harley, hell if she don't like it, well you could always take her for a ride and still be in her good graces.:)
Just a thought.
P.S. (this is my 30th winter in the sub-arctic, I was born and left Milwaukee when I was 12, lived in Trempeleau county, Piegon Falls, for a couple months then I came here)
I may have spoken to soon, if she does end up liking the Harley you'll have to buy another for yourself. See thats what hobbies lead to.