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Jun 4, 2010
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I've been reading this forum from time to time, I work in a U-Brew so sometimes I have questions not even my boss knows to answer to.
I'm glad there is a site like this. You can never get a good answer on some questions from a supplier.
WELCOME ! :hug
Now, what question you need answered?
Thanks for the welcome.
I have none at the moment. However we have 60+ batches on at the moment so there might be questions soon.

What brands do you sell in the store?

Hi and welcome. We are a really friendly group here so jump in and get to know us all.
We sell Vinco and RJ products and a few Winexpert kits.
However we do special orders for some people and get different products.
Welcome, Kylie - good to have you on the site. Isn't FOP relatively new there in NB? NS is still in the dark ages when it comes to liquor control!
kylie, welcome to the party. Feel free to ask questions any time as I am sure there will be plenty asked that you will be able to help us out.We're a great group here and very friendly.
I know we've been able to have a FOP for at least 5 years. I know NS is way behind, but I head from a rep. that there a is a few places in Halifax that do the FOP and always take the fine because they make a lot of money by doing it. I hope they leagalize it soon there.
Kylie, ask away with your questions and you'll get plenty of answers and a lot of info. Some folks on here are way smarter than me. We also have a map (see home page) for others that may reside near you.