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Dec 21, 2009
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Hello, I've been thinking about making wine for years, but just started my first batch of wine two days ago. I've been lurking around your excellent forum for weeks now. My questions are starting to ferment, so I thought I better register. I hope to emulate my grandfather Luigi who grew his own grapes and made his wine in his basement in downtown Syracuse, NY. Unfortunately all his knowledge and equipment was lost when he passed on.
Welcome! The knowledge that you seek can be gained within this forum, when questions arise you can usually find threads pertaining to them in the search link. If not, ask away....
As for the equipment, there are several websites you can purchase from or just find your local brew shop.

Good Luck!
Welcome aboard Zog, we can answer just about anything you have on your mind dealing with wine.
Welcome from Wilbraham MA

Just a wee bit south of you Zog and a newbie myself. Learning a lot by perusing the archives of this forum. Between you and Wade i think I have a friend within 30 miles south or north
There are quite a few locals to us on here that jump it from time to time.
Hello Zog and welcome to the forum..

Continuing on a family tradition in your grandfathers footsteps.. is an excellent reason to come join us on the adventure..

great to have you here.

Zog. Gramps would be happy for you to continue this. Lot of members in here "speak" wine made from grapes. I hope someone in here can help as you continue this family tradition.

Nice to have you on the forum.

Howdy Zog! Good luck with winemaking and possible grape growing! I'm into both myself. You are in a warmer climate than myself so I know you can grow some varieties of grapes- just don't expect to grow long season vinifera.
Thanks. I'm starting with kits. Maybe someday trying to grow grapes, but I don't think we have the right kind of soil or sun exposure. Too wet and too much clay. Although there are a lot of wild grape vines on our property... might be a good sign.

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