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Aug 16, 2010
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Hey folks.

I've been making wine for about three years now. Having hard cider and beer experience, I decided to pick up the wine making tradition of my wife's family. So each year we make zinfandel.

Last year I branched out and made a merlot / cabernet blend.

While I'm pretty confident about my abilities with cider and beer, wine making still feels new. I'm really looking forward to learning from you all.

Welcome. You're sure to find lots of information here and with a families' worth of experience, I'm sure you'll have some things to share too. Cheers!
Thank you. I certainly hope to be able to contribute at some point. Truth be told I found this website because I was searching for answers to some of my own questions.

It seems that the old Sicilian family traditions were not good wine making practice and so after doing some research, lobbying family support, and bribing with gallons upon gallons of wine, I find myself here. I'm trying to bring better practice to the process while still respecting fifty years of wine making tradition. It is a bit of a tightrope act, actually.

The wine is getting better, but there is much to learn still.
Welcome to our little part of the net. We have many experienced wine makers here that are willing to help you through just about anything wine orr beer related.
Thank you, everyone. You can absolutely bet that I'm going to start asking questions. :)
Good someone else that makes cider .I'm sure i will have some questions about that when I try to make a batch bigger then my 1 gallon trial I did in the spring . Welcome aboard .
Thank you, NS.

I don't make as much cider as I do wine, but I have made my fair share of the stuff including one batch I made in an old Jack Daniels barrel. I found it to be akin to paint stripper, but a lot of people loved it.

With the season coming up I have to get ready to make the cranberry spiced cider. Oh, now you've got me craving it...

Questions are certainly welcome!

Cider apples will be ready in a few weeks around here. I plan on making at least 5 gallons again. If they are juicy enough I'll make 10 gallons and do 2 different kinds.

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