Happy birthday wade!!

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Mar 1, 2009
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Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you have a great day!!

I stand by all of the gang in wishing you a happy B Day man, I hope the coming year brings you one step closer to having your dreams all come true!!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND DON'T WORK TO HARD !!!!! Sit back relax and have a glass of your favorite drink today .
:hb :f1 :b
Thanks everyone and Dan, so that was you peeking in my bathroom window with the camera. I love it! Its the big 40 everyone, its all down hill from here and that was 1 huge hill to get up and I have no brakes so anyone thats on my wagon better hang the hell on!
Some of us are ahead of you already bro, going DOWN the hill!

Don't worry, you only need brakes if you intend to stop, or if you forget how to stear!

Keep on keeping on!!
Happy Birthday,,, but at 40 you're only getting a little age on you like a fine wine.
Add another 15 and you'll not only start feeling like vinegar, but sometimes you'll smell a little like it too.
Happy birthday Wade! Don't put too much thought into the numbers. Your only old if You think you are. (At least thats what I keep telling myself each morning)
Happy Birthday, Wade - have a great one.
Oh, to be 40 again!!
.. Doug

Happy B-Day ! :db

It's been a long time since I WAS 40. Our daughter is 38!
Man, U R old !! :tz

and Crazy !! :db

Happy Birthday !!! Hope it was a good one :b
Happy Birthday, Wade!!! Thanks for all of the help and advice you give on this forum - it IS really appreciated. Enjoy!

:rHappy Birthday Wade and ummm life begins at 40 :r hope its a great day for you !! Zoogie
Had a great day even though its not over yet and the booze is just beginning to flow now! Thanks everyone!

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