Greetings from Vernon, CT

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Wine making nub
Dec 24, 2009
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Been brewing beer for about a year now. Have made two batches of wine so far. Everything from kits. Just looking for ideas, maybe help and general chit chat.
Welcome from another Ct;er. im down in Middlebury and also brew beer. We have quite a few Ct'ers here and ever growing. Glad you juined in. If you look down the bottom of the front page ypoull see our brewing area.
You have chose a user friendly forum. I'm sure we can answer any questions you may have. We have every one from beginners to vineyard owners.
Ask away.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Always good to see others from CT around this vast interweb. As for questions, I already posted one regarding a winexpert chocolate raspberry kit.
Hiya Heckle, welcome to the group..

( I can be bribed.. just thought I'd let you know..)