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Ed S

Jan 2, 2010
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Hello fellow wine makers. I'm new to this forum but not to winemaking. I have also been making beer for a few years and just started "all grain" brewing this past year.

I look forward to reading and contributing to this forum, thanks for having me.

I have a few hundred posts on Winepress, but just discovered "winemakingtalk" while the other is down.

Regards and happy new year,

Ed S
Ed, Welcome aboard! We look forward to your knowledge and hearing about your adventures. This is a great site with a lot of great wine makers.:b
Ed, Welcome!
Where in CT are you? I lived in Stamford and Norwalk. One of our Admin. Wade lives in CT
Whats fermenting?
Welcome Ed to our site. Im in Middlebury but cant say I know of Broad Brrok, where abouts is that? Glad to have you here and lucky for us Joel doesnt seem to have a clue whats going on in his comp! I guess he should have left well enough alone. I also just began getting into all grain a little while ago but starting (trying) to get hardcore. Been making all types of wine for many many years though.
Oh I see where it is. Its just east of RT 91 and Windsor Locks.
Broad Brook is a borough of East Windsor in north central CT.

We did just under 2,000 lbs of grapes this fall, purchased at M&M in Hartford. Half is Zinfandel with some Petit Syrah to blend with it, and the other half is Chardonnay.

We just racked the Zin into our Hungarian oak barrel. Malolactic is progressing slowly now with cooler temps in my basement.

Im betting your looking at lots of circuits right now and I dont envy you at this time!!!!!!!

Thanks for the update. Good luck with your upgrade and I will be back when Winepress is back up. Thanks for all you do!

All the best,


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