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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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I have been very busy lately and not been attending the forum as often as I would like too.

After my Holliday in France we had to make a trip to England because my mother in law who has a second house over there had sold that house. We had to clean it up and empty it.

Now within a few weeks have to make a trip to Germany for business, and then again a short holliday in France. So my time is limited.

However I made a great score !!!

I had contact with a lady in Belgium and she offered me 150 liter (that is 40 gallon) of fresh cherry juice for free !!!!

So tomorrow I am taking half the day off from work, make a trip to Belgium 250 kilometer, collect 150 liter juice, and drive 250 kilometer back to Rotterdam.
That is 300 miles for 150 liter juice.

I just filled my car with 5 empty 30 liter primary's and some 5 liter bottles to collect the juice in.

I made a 10% sulphite solution to add to the juice when I am loading it in my car. This solution is easier to add as cambden tables or powdered sulphite, and easier to measure the right dose.
I am going to do a web-log entry on that soon.

I also made simple syrup (loads of it) to bring sugar levels up to standard when needed.
Again I am doing a web-log entry on calculations with simple syrup soon.

I also made a large yeast starter to split amongst all my primaries. I want this to get fermenting as soon as possible.

So I will make a web-log entry on my log as soon as possible keeping track off this winemaking adventure.

Hope to be attending this log more often soon.

Excellent score, Luc! Not that it matters, but is this a sweet or tart juice?
That sounds wonderful Luc, good for you. No doubt what you make ith it will be the best.

Good too see you again and to hear life finds you well.
Hi Luc,

Nice to hear the reason we haven't seen you around lately is because you were busy. Great score, I would definitely travel 300 miles to pick up some free cherry juice. I made a bing cherry wine last year that I backsweeten to a sweet wine. My husband and I like to have a glass with a piece of dark chocolate after supper. It is a superb desert!
awesome, can't wait to hear how this goes...i don't want to hear anything about cherry juice on any belgian highways, lol
Glad to see you back on here Luc. I see youve been staying pretty busy, its the only way to live. Hopefuly that will be some awesome juice!
Glad to see you bac Luc. I was wondering where you had gone.
Congrats on the juice!
I just posted a web-log entry on making the cherry wine.

I urge ALL men to read this story and show the pics to their wife.
Then they can say:
"see honey, I am by far not as bad as he is........"

It might help you in buying more stuff and starting more wines.......

But the way, the red-head in the pictures is my girlfriend. As you can see she goes along all the way.....

I used 3 new techniques when making this wine. Techniques which I have started using shortly and make life a lot easier.

- using a 10% sulphite solution
- Using simple syrup to add sugar to a must
- white tile method for acid testing.

All will be discussed later on in future weblog entries.

have fun.

Luc, thanks for another great post I always enjoy reading and learning from your blog.
Great to see you back now if we can just remember where we left St.Allie
Great write p my friend, have never herd of this white tile method so be sure to start a new post when you do o on that as im betting lots of us have neve heard of it.
Luc - great story and write-up on the process. Many thanks as always!
Nice blog entry. I will be calling some fruit factories around me soon.
I sent an email to you the other day regarding the campsite wine you made. Looking forward to an update.
LUC, Thanks for the nice blog. I wonder where in my area I can find them or how...
Awesome score! Keep us updated on the white tile method, I'm picturing putting drops on a white tile to see the color change better? Can't wait to find out for sure, as always thanks for the great weblog.

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