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Nov 19, 2009
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how is it going home brewers? I am new to wine making and I have tons of questions. I'm the type of person that finds himself elbow deep in a new hobby/interest about every 4 months or so (went from music to cigars to fabrication and now wine making this year alone.) I've started my first batch of wine last week and I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing or not, but hopefully the contents of my carboy wont get me sent to the hospital.
my main interest in wine, at this point, would be to concoct a few wines to compliment some of my favorite shishas and cigars. Yet my goal is to learn as much as possible about wine and brewing before I start to lose interest and move on to another hobby or back to an old one (get a little cultured if you will.)
I will be grateful for any information, advice, and even being told why I am an idiot (as long as it is constructive).
well, I should go lurk some more.
Welcome, I used to jump around quite a bit with hobbies but this turned into an obsession. Just ask any questions you need as thats why we are here. Some forums will beat you up asking you to use the search tool but I myself aint much for that but it is a good tool.
AS a fellow homebrewer and now winemaker ask away !
A wealth of knowledge here
Don't let it intimidate you! Brewing your own is satisfying and alot of fun. For the most part it is pretty starightforward. Please share with us what you have done already and how you did it, and tell us about what you want to do tommorrow.

We would all be happy to share with you what we know. Some know more than others but the info is here for your asking.