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Sep 26, 2009
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I put my first batch in the secondary today with the bubbler air lock in place.

should the crud coming out of the air lock be cleaned often or just let alone during the next 4 to 6 weeks.

I am attempting to make muscadine wine
There shouldnt be crud coming out of the airlock! Sounds like you have over filled the primary and the fermentation is coming out of the airlock. You should split this up into t vessels until fermentation has settled down a little.
Wade is right.
ferment first in a large open fermenter like a bucket
covered with some cheesecloth or a towel.
Fasten the cloth with a rubber band.

When the vigorous fermentation subsides you can transfer
it to a secondary vessel (carboy with airlock).

I've sometimes had this happen.. Usually with cider.. because I just bypass using a primary when I use juice.

Take the airlock off the carboy for 24 hours and cover the carboy with cloth.

Clean and sanitise the airlock for later, then using a cloth that has been soaking in some sulphite and squeezed out, clean the neck of the carboy to a finger length reach of all crap sticking to the glass. You may need to do this twice.

..reapply the airlock when the wine has finished the exciteable stage.

any crap left in the carboy will settle out, the wine will be fine.


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