Cranberry orange has a gross vomit-like taste.

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Allie Geiger

Dec 1, 2018
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I made a cranberry orange blend using 100% juices from concentrate. It is primarily cranberry orange with a number of other fruit juices that were included in the blend, so lets call it "Cranberry Punch" instead. I didnt have very high hopes for it but thought I'd try.
Well its nearly finished fermenting and it tastes quite undrinkable. Has a sour, dirty, vomit-like taste. I don't know if that is mostly because of the yeast still working in it, or if I just was totally unsuccessful. I plan to let it finish, stabalize, backsweeten, bottle, and maybe just leave it to age a year or two.
Has anyone had a similar problem? Did it turn out drinkable in the end?
It could be "reductive." Did you follow a good nutrient schedule? If it's reductive you want to fix it sooner rather than later. You can do a diagnostic test, instructions here.

The longer you wait with a reductive wine, the harder it is to fix.
Wines that have the aroma of vomit are typically infected with a bacterium that creates butyric acid and these bacteria may have been introduced with the fruit you added. I don't know that there is any way to remove this acid or the aroma IF that is indeed the cause.

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