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May 13, 2017
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I am not new to wine making (32 batches to date), but still have much to learn.

Background: I made an Orange Spice wine in 2019 – delicious!

I am currently making a 6-gal batch of Blood Orange Spice Wine. Note: the spice is accomplished by adding home-made cinnamon clove extract, as before.

The current batch has finished quite sour and tart.

First batch was made with canned orange puree; current batch with fresh pureed blood oranges.
The base is white grape juice for both batches.
Included 16 oz. lemon juice in both batches.

Current batch:
Starting sp. grav. 1.110; finished at 0.997, so ~15.35 ABV.
The pH is 3.2
It has cleared nicely.
Back-sweetened with 2 C sugar so far. It needs another 1-2 C sugar (first batch I back-sweetened with 4 C sugar).

Will addition of the sugar this diminish the sour/tarte taste?
Do I need to consider adding some Potassium Bicarbonate?
Other recommendations?

Grateful for any input!
One way to help you decide if the sugar will help the taste is to pull off 100 Ml of you wine and add predetermined amounts of sugar. 4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp, so 1 gram = 1/4 tsp. Add some, taste, repeat. only way I know to know for sure.
Thanks . . . it turned out well! Turned out a little thin/watery. Will add a bit of Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic) to enhance the mouthfeel. A good batch!