Cherry wine from 100% cherry concentrate, few questions.

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Gene Kimmi

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Aug 25, 2019
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I have 5 gallons of sweet cherry going now from the Coloma concentrates. It’s been aging for about 7 months now. One thing I ran into with it was that it wouldn’t ferment below 1.018. I thought it was a stalled ferment, but if I added more sugar, it started fermenting again. I just added enough sugar that when it stopped at 1.018, it had the abv I wanted.

I have also used their peach, Concord grape, elderberry, cab sav, Zinfandel, and merlot concentrates without any problems.


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Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
I was going to do 4 carboys or approximately 20 gallons of wine.
Half i wanted to fortify and drink when its done and the other half to barrel age for a while.
If I might suggest this based on your qty planned. Perhaps those 4 gallons of tart cherry then one or two quarts of sweet. That will keep you flavor strong without complicating it. Assuming you are good with making it a tart cherry wine.
Or, if you want to do a sweet cherry you could just flip that suggestion since sweet cherries are a little less concentrated based on their dilution rates.

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