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  1. Crm

    Skin Contact 'Orange' wine

    I'm going to try to make skin contact 'orange' wine from Malvasia Bianca this year. I'm generally planning on keeping the juice on the skins for 4-5 months. Good idea? I'm grateful for any suggestions from the group. Thanks, Char
  2. tradowsk

    Blood Orange Mango

    I picked up some Mango Nectar and a bag of blood oranges today for winemaking. I'm debating on how best to add the blood oranges. My typical MO would be to zest 2 oranges and steep in hot water, then add that "tea" to primary along with the fresh juice. But I'm wondering if it would be better...
  3. Allie Geiger

    Cranberry orange has a gross vomit-like taste.

    I made a cranberry orange blend using 100% juices from concentrate. It is primarily cranberry orange with a number of other fruit juices that were included in the blend, so lets call it "Cranberry Punch" instead. I didnt have very high hopes for it but thought I'd try. Well its nearly finished...
  4. C

    Make port from wine kit?

    I really wanted to make a chocolate orange port for Christmas this year, but it seems the manufacturers rotate the flavors and didn’t produce one this year. The closest I’ve seen is a chocolate orange wine kit (Island Mist, I think.). Can I turn half of it - which would be 3 gal - into a port...