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  1. L

    Oxidation after bottling/recorking

    I have recently made pear wine. I bottled after 2 months, and then 2 months after that I have opened a bottle to discover it tastes a little bit sour. I have some acid reducing crystals which I am told can help, and was hoping I could open my bottles, add the crystals, then recork and see if it...
  2. J

    WineXpert Cracked carboy at Clearing step, tastes sour? dump it or wait?

    I started a Winexpert Classic Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre and everything seem to be going fine. Step two on Day 14 was stabilizing and Degassing after racking to the carboy. Next day on Step 15 was Clearing. I discovered that the car boy had a crack in the bottom and was slowly...
  3. Allie Geiger

    Cranberry orange has a gross vomit-like taste.

    I made a cranberry orange blend using 100% juices from concentrate. It is primarily cranberry orange with a number of other fruit juices that were included in the blend, so lets call it "Cranberry Punch" instead. I didnt have very high hopes for it but thought I'd try. Well its nearly finished...
  4. tokenmathguy

    beginner question - right after primary fermentation

    We made wine for the first time about six weeks ago. We transferred the wine from the tall bucket to the carbouy for secondary fermentation. I was curious what it tasted like so I stole a bit and it was kind of sour. Is this normal? Too early? Spoiled?